The same blank editor page comes up for each of these new content icons that are further described on Wiki Tip - What differentiates the PIUG Blog, PIUG-DF, and Other Information Pages?:


The Confluence editor box looks like this:

A big issue for new users seems to be that the Page title, which is in large font and may also be considered the subject or the page, is followed by lots of white space without clear value. 

You put the rest of the page content below that top line. To get to the content entry area of the edit box, use the Enter key, the Tab key or your mouse.

The just enter content as you would any similar page editor. It really works pretty well. If you paste in content, you may lose functionality like smart numbering or bullet points, so just use the numbering, bullet point and other functions in the editor to insure that your content has proper indentation and formatting.

Before completing your page, use the several important options at the bottom of the page.

The comment editor is the same except that options to specify what you changed or control notifications are not available. 

Note that the top of the editor screen contains these useful items:

More information is available on Help - Create and Edit PIUG Wiki Pages and the Atlassian Confluence editor help page.