Patent Olympiad 9th September Milan.

Over the years, various groups have organised several “patent search” activities and events on some kind of competitive basis.

One of the most well-known is the Japan Patent Search Grand Prix (PSGP). Since its inception, the event has grown from a small pilot event to a popular and prestigious competition for Japanese patent searchers. Representatives of the PSPG organising team have given several successive reports at PIUG’s Annual Conferences, raising international interest in the competition. Indeed, in 2015 a few international representatives were also invited to participate in the contest celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Intellectual Property Cooperation Center which hosts the Grand Prix.

Many PIUG members were impressed with the PSGP’s success as a means for educating Japanese patent researchers and raising the profile of the profession itself.

The PatOlympics  — a competition designed to compare the capabilities of different search engines — was another example of a competitive patent search event.

Other examples include academic-educational assignments,

crowdsourcing initiatives for prior art,

and student research projects.

All the above were based on formal structures and had legitimately serious intent. But however worthy these contests may have been, to us they had something missing....

The idea of a new type of global patent searching contest was born during the PIUG 2017 Annual Conference in Atlanta where we discussed the possibility of designing a more relaxed and informal patent research competition. Thus was conceived the Patent Olympiad, an organised but informal competition to celebrate the fine art of patent research. Good patent searching is, of course, serious business, but serious doesn’t have to mean solemn, right? As lovers of patent research already know, a challenging search can also be serious fun.  

 The Patent Olympiad will be an event where patent research enthusiasts can pit their skills against one another in an informal friendly environment and compete to win some prizes. It’s meant to be a light-hearted, fun way to celebrate the value of patent research as a profession.

Want to join us? Our very first Patent Olympiad will take place in at the Politecnico di Milano (you got it; Milan!) on 9th September 2018, immediately before the CEPIUG’s 10th Anniversary meeting. Perhaps we will see you there? Join the challenge!

The Patent Olympiad Founders

Andrea Davis, Linus Wretblad, Cathy Chiba, and Nigel Clarke