We are thrilled to announce that the second annual Patent Olympiad will take place October 27-29 in Bucharest, Romania. The competition is right before the EPO's Patent Information conference, at the same location, so one could combine the two events for outstanding networking, learning and competing!

Registration to the Patent Olympiad includes:

You'll have a chance to meet your fellow research enthusiasts from around the world and share your love of patent research. Then you'll get to pit your skills against your peers in a tough but lighthearted competition for patent research glory. 

Last year, the competition brought together 21 participants from 10 different countries and we had a blast together.

The Patent Olympiad will be arranged in a three-part format.

  1. Invalidity search – you’ll have to find prior art for a given fictional patent 
  2. Prior art search – you’ve got to craft a search strategy
  3. Multiple choice - patent-related questions.

All of these challenges have been devised by our fiendish Quizmasters (Catherine Chiba , Linus Wretblad , Dr Nigel S. Clarke , Guido Moradei and Andrea Davis ) who have been dragooned from all corners of the world to give you a hard time :)

The seats are limited, so head over to our registration page and sign-up! If you have any questions, send an email to info@patentolympiad.org